Mar 042014

Tonight, the Oakland City Council will vote on whether to go ahead with the construction of the Domain Awareness Center.  The DAC is a fusion center that aims to congregate in one place the feeds from surveillance cameras and license plate cameras in the city and port of Oakland.  It will be the “eyes on the ground” for the NSA and other intelligence agencies, and will be primarily used against protesters.

The DAC is strongly opposed by the ACLU, the EFF, Wellstone Democratic Club and the Oakland Education Association, the union for Oakland teachers.  Several organizations and community leaders have also sent a group letter to the Oakland City Council asking them to oppose it:

Dear Honorable Members of the Oakland City Council:

We urge the Oakland City Council to vote against the award of the Domain Awareness Center
(“DAC”) Phase 2 contract to Schneider Electric at the March 4, 2014 council meeting.

The project’s proposed full time mass surveillance throughout Oakland has created grave
concerns about infringement upon our civil liberties, especially in light of the Snowden

While we were encouraged by comments the City Council made at the February 18 meeting,
there are many unanswered questions regarding the data use and retention policy governing the
DAC. We believe it is improper to build the DAC prior to thorough vetting of the privacy and
data retention policies.

Proceeding with the DAC and its estimated $1.6 million annual operating cost makes no sense.
The City has spent the last few years making severe budget cuts, and it would be forced to make
even deeper cuts to comply with the balanced budget provision.

Please vote “No” on March 4, 2014.

Oakland Education Association
Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus
Anakbayan East Bay
Berkeley Copwatch
Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Council on American-Islamic Relations, San Francisco Bay Area
Fight for the Future
March 15 Organizing Committee
National Lawyers Guild
Oakland International Socialist Organization
Oakland Privacy Working Group
Phat Beets Produce
Prison Activist Resource Center
Stop Big Brother
Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
The Justice 4 Alan Blueford Coalition
Women for Genuine Security

Aisha Knowles, Alameda County Board of Education Member
Jesse Arreguin, Berkeley City Council, Alameda Democratic Central Committee Member
J Francisco Zermeno, Hayward City Council Member
Mike Katz-Lacabe, San Leandro USD School Board Trustee
Jason Toro, San Leandro USD School Board Trustee
Janet Arnold, Member County Council Green Party of Alameda County
Cat Brooks, ONYX Organizing Committee
Elaine Brown, former Chair Black Panther Party
Cynthia Chandler, co-founder Justice Now, Alameda Democratic Central Committee alternate
Malkia Cyril, Executive Director, Center for Media Justice
Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, Freeman Fellow at The Fellowship of Reconciliation
Kazu Haga, East Point Peace Academy
Elliott Halpern, ACLU Berkeley/North East Bay Chapter Board Member
Tarak Kauff, Board of Directors, Veterans for Peace
David Keenan, Bay Area Public School Organizer
Margarita Lacabe, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee
Rev. Deborah Lee, Director of the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights (CLUE-CA)
Mary Madden, Organizer, Alameda County Against Drones
Normon Solomon, Co-Founder, RootsAction
Leonard Raphael
Wilson Riles, President Oakland Community Action Network, former Oakland Council Member
Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director, Media Alliance
Michael Rubin, Member Oakland Greens
Igor Tregub, California Democratic Party AD15 Delegate; California Young Democrats VP
Rick Trullinger, Alternate Member, Alameda County Democratic Central Committee

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