Oct 012014
Dot Theodore

Dot Theodore

The Castro Valley School Board needs a change in leadership.  Last year there was a big uproar among parents and members of the community, when the School Board decided to move the Alma preschool to the lower baseball field of Marshall Elementary, without notifying parents of either school.   The School Board’s response was this was in the agenda, so parents should have considered themselves notified.

Dot Theodore, a parent of two children at Castro Valley public schools, is running for School Boads to heal those relationships between the School Board and the community.  She wants to make sure that parents and community members are included in important decisions, what a concept!.

I spoke with Theodore at length and was very impressed by her intelligence, her understanding of the multiple concerns at the Castro Valley school district, including the need to reach out to underprivileged and minority communities, is impressive.  She would be a breath of fresh air in the Castro Valley School Board.

I reached out to all candidates for Castro Valley School Board and invited them to meet/speak with me and/or respond to a candidate questionnaire.  I only endorse candidates who are strong liberals, are committed to accountability, transparency and fact-based legislating and who are intelligent, competent and knowledgeable.  

See Marga’s 2014 Voter Guide for recommendations on propositions and other local endorsements.

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