Apr 212011
Promoting San Leandro: a challenge to City Hall

Many of us who live in San Leandro are frustrated about the lack of shopping, dining and cultural opportunities in the city. Even during the economic boom early in the century, San Leandro languished. Our downtown is practically a ghost town, devoid of compelling shopping and entertainment venues.  The only reason why anyone goes downtown at all is to go shopping at Safeway or get money at one of the remaining banks.   An empty downtown wouldn’t be a problem if there were other more alive sectors of the city, but that’s not the case either.  San Leandro has a myriad [Continue Reading]

Apr 042011
A.G. Ferrari Food files for bankruptcy

The Tribune reports today that San Leandro based upscale deli chain A.G. Ferrari has filed for bankruptcy.  I’ve been to A.G. Ferrari a couple of times, they have good food but it’s incredibly expensive. I’m not surprised that they are not doing well in this economy. I’m not particularly sad to see them go.  While A.G. Ferrari is based in San Leandro, it doesn’t operate any stores in San Leandro.  Clearly our demographics are not good enough for them (and yet, they support Galvan’s market, which is pretty expensive as well).  And yet, one of the reasons why they are [Continue Reading]

Mar 232011
Buying a Catfish @ 88 Super Market

This is a copy of a posting I just made to my Food Blog. I’m reposting it here as the 88 market is in San Leandro.  I will probably not do that in the future (crosspost between blogs) and my reviews of San Leandro restaurants and the occasional store will stay in my foodblog. — A few weeks ago, the San Leandro Patch had a little “story” about the 88 market on East 14th St.  I’d been to the store once or twice before, in search of rare Asian ingredients, but it’s not a place I’d normally hit.  However, the [Continue Reading]