Mar 142014
San Leandro Moves to Ban Medical Marijuana in Multi-Family Housing

Ban extends to e-cigarettes, Public not given notice UPDATE: After I sounded the alarm on this issue, Mayor Cassidy took the item off the agenda for the March 17th meeting.  He claims that the prohibition of smoking/vaping marijuana in multi-family homes was included by mistake.  He says a revised ordinance will come back for a vote in April.  The revised ordinance, however, is also injurious to medical marijuana patients, as they will not be able to take their medicine safely when they’re away from their homes. — The San Leandro City Council sneaked a very controversial issue into its agenda [Continue Reading]

Mar 132014
City of San Leandro Embroiled in Law Suits

At the next closed-session meeting of the City Council, the Council will be briefed on a number of lawsuits against the City making their way through the court system.  While they are not the totality of the lawsuits affecting the City, it’s useful for citizens to know what their City’s legal team is spending taxpayer money fighting. Police Abuse Lawsuits Parker vs. City of San Leandro & San Leandro Police Department Police Victimizes Crime Victim A man was a victim of road rage, so he went home and called the SLPD. When the police came, they found him on his [Continue Reading]

Jan 212014
Halus, City Set to Lose Wind Turbine Case

The Heron Bay Homeowners Association is set to win the lawsuit they filed against the City of San Leandro, concerning the City’s decision to give a height variance to Halus Power Systems to build a wind turbine tower on their property, for research and testing purposes.  The HOA objected to the turbine for aesthetic reasons, but grounded their legal pleadings on assorted – though very weak – environmental concerns.  Still, the judge overseeing the case issued a tentative ruling (TR) granting the HOA’s petition that Halus obtain an environmental impact report  (EIR) on the project.  The EIR would cost Halus hundreds of thousands [Continue Reading]

Jun 132013
The Rick Styner Case: Court Documents Show Porn & Burglary Charges Are Bogus

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned William Congreve, The Mourning Bride When I wrote my preliminary analysis of the criminal charges filed against San Leandro High School Teacher Richard Styner, I relied purely on the facts as reported by the media.  I have now obtained the actual court documents filed in this case.  These include the charge sheet filed by the District Attorney, and the “declaration of probable cause” on which those charges are based, executed by San Leandro Police officer Cathy Pickard.  Based on them, I can say [Continue Reading]

Jun 112013
Prelude to a Lawsuit: Mayor Cassidy Condoned Public Humiliation of Men in "Gay Sex" Arrests

The City of San Leandro and the San Leandro Police Department were just hit with a class-action lawsuit for false arrests and  issuing malicious press releases in their botched sting operations meant to catch men soliciting non-commercial homosexual sex in public areas.    Last year, when the Police Department issued a press release announcing one such sting operation, I wrote to Mayor Stephen Cassidy expressing my concerns with what appeared to be illegal and discriminatory behavior in the part of the Police.  When Mayor Cassidy expressed his approval of the SLPD’s methods, I spoke up at a City Council meeting. [Continue Reading]