Jul 222013
SLPD's Daft Attempt at Doublespeak and Chief Spagnoli Caught Lying

The San Leandro Police Department should send its press releases directly to The Onion.  They don’t even need to be edited.   This latest one is a prime example. First of all, has anyone at the SLPD looked up the meaning of the word “proactive” in the dictionary?  What exactly is proactive about arresting someone who has committed a crime? “Proactive policing” would mean setting things up so that crimes are not committed in the first place, and that is something that the SLPD certainly is not doing.  Crime has gone up significantly since Chief Spagnoli took over in 2011. But [Continue Reading]

May 132013
Goodbye San Leandro Patch, Now for Real

A new design puts the final nail in AOL Patch’s coffin It was a love-hate relationship, but it’s coming to an end.  This week, the San Leandro Patch and its siblings across the country are changing formats yet again, in a last-ditched effort to find a profitable model.  Patch executives finally got the memo that social media is what currently drives online advertising.   They don’t seem too sure about what social media is, however, and they’ve decided to turn their site into a hybrid between a blog and an old-fashioned rudimentary bulletin board. Their nostalgia is not surprising: fifteen years [Continue Reading]

Jan 292012
To San Leandro Patch: Stop the Censorship!

A 15-year old girl was just killed in San Leandro, stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend in front of their 9-months old baby.  The community is shocked, angry and sad.  Emotions are strong, and so are the needs to express them. “Motherfuckers like that bitch assed cat just need to be put in a room with me, hands only, all I gotta do is think about what he did, its a wrap.” wrote one man, the father of two girls himself.  Unfortunately he did it as a comment on a San Leandro Patch article about the murder.  So it was [Continue Reading]

Jul 142011
The future of local media in San Leandro

For the last couple of years local news junkies in San Leandro – and confess, you are one of them – have seen their choices for San Leandro coverage multiply.  In addition to the trusty San Leandro Times,  San Leandro now counts with its own daily news website, the San Leandro Patch, as well as three newsy blogs: San Leandro Bytes, East Bay Citizen and yours truly, San Leandro Talk.  If something is happening in town, chances are you’ll hear about it. As bright as things may be looking for local media currently, there are signs that San Leandro’s news [Continue Reading]

May 092011
San Leandro Patch: RIP

I’m sorry to announce the death of the San Leandro Patch.  No, you don’t need to rush and click on the link to see if it’s disappeared.  It’s still there.  My guess is it will still be there for a few more months.  Can’t tell you how many, August would not be an unrealistic date for its final demise, but it’ll surely be gone (at least for all intents and purposes) by the end of the year.  My guess is Jill Replogle, the local editor, is already looking for a new job.  Journalism jobs are very hard to find, specially [Continue Reading]