Jan 262014

I was just looking through the City’s Spring Activity Guide.  There are tons of classes, trips and activities for seniors (defined as those 50 and over).

If you’re a teen or pre-teen, however, you are pretty much out of luck. Your choices are tennis, martial arts and jazzersize.  There is basketball for those under 15, and spinning and yoga for those above.   Your only other choices are belly dancing and cake decorating.

Another problem is getting to the classes. Most of the classes are at the Marina Community Center. Great if you live in the neighborhood or have a parent to drive you, but otherwise, you’re out of luck. No bus service at the time the classes are offered.

This is all to say that the City is not doing nearly enough to serve out children, in particular our teens. We have all heard that one of the biggest reason why kids get in trouble is idle time. This is particularly true for middle school aged kids. Why does the city insist in ignoring them?

The answer is pretty simple.  Seniors vote, teens can’t and parents don’t. If you want things to change and you don’t make it a priority to vote, please start. Only then will the politicians start listening.