Martin A. Francis

Jun 182011

Martin A. Francis

San Leandro is not a rich town.  Unlike other cities we don’t have museums, art galleries or even a French restaurant, but we do have a vexillologist all of our own.  On June 11th, Martin A. Francis was proclaimed by the City Council as San Leandro’s official vexillologist.  The Council  also proclaimed June 14, 2011 to be “Martin A. Francis” day.

Mr. Francis is an 84-year-old retired school custodian with a special and interest for the American flag.  He has coordinated the city’s Flag Day celebrations for 35 years and given countless presentations on the flag at local schools, churches, libraries and community organizations.  In 2004 he received the Mayor’s Award of Excellence.

Congratulations to Mr. Francis!

Update. Martin Francis passed away on Sept. 23, 2011.   Read and comment on his obituary.