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Jul 292014

These are Mike Katz-Lacabe notes/tweets on the July 28th San Leandro City Council meeting on the Marina/Shoreline development and expansion of the San Leandro Police Department headquarters. These notes are provided because the Council no longer produces minutes of its meetings. Once again, Mike Katz-Lacabe and Mia Ousley were the only two City Council candidates present at the meeting.

San Leandro City Council work session on shoreline fund and police space needs starts now – without Councilmember Michael Gregory.


Dredging needed for channels to San Leandro Marina every 4 years and berths every 8 years.

Siltation rate for San Leandro marina is 8 to 12-inches per year.

Harbor operations at San Leandro marina have a net loss of more than $400k per year. Fund is $2.5 million in the hole.

Shoreline operations generated $335,000 in 2013-14. Includes tax generated by San Leandro Marina Inn and restaurants. $94k expected this year.

San Leandro shoreline fund expecting $84k in net revenue this year. Outstanding debt is nearly $9 million.

Amortized over next 10 years, the annual unfunded liability for the San Leandro Marina is $3.2 million, including dredging of $1.5 million.

130 of 462 berths at the San Leandro Marina are occupied. 26 berths are occupied by San Leandro residents. 11 are live-aboards

In April/May 2012, average depth in channel to San Leandro marina was 5.9 feet, according to Army Corps soundings. 3.9 feet at fuel dock

San Leandro shoreline fund debt is about $1.9 million for Cal Boat Loan and $7 million to city’s general fund.

Download tonight’s presentation on the status of San Leandro’s shoreline fund.

Earliest that construction on San Leandro Marina project could begin is estimated at February 2017.

Projected lifespan of San Leandro boat harbor without dredging is another year or two before boats have problems getting in and out.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy: Why is there no federal money for dredging? A: Disappearance of earmarks & Army Corps budget priorities.

San Leandro city staff on possible ferry: Sea of parking with a dock. Might not be seen as a good thing by residents.

Dwight Pitcaithley: Costs are formidable. “It’s not going to be an easy thing.” “You could privatize the channel.” Marina needs a benefactor

Dwight Pitcaithley is making a documentary on the San Leandro Marina that he will put on YouTube.

San Leandro Marina supporter: “The decision is pretty much made… The Marina is sentenced to death.” Put this on the ballot.

San Leandro still has an estimated $2.5 million expense for disposing of dredge spoils from 2009, when the Marina was last dredged.

Bella Comelo Why cannot the Marina issue be put on the ballot? Let the people decide.

Note that dredging (or lack thereof) of the San Leandro Marina only affects the boat harbor. Park and other areas unaffected.

San Leandro Councilmember Diana Souza: most people want to keep the marina. “Everyone of us would love to have the marina there.”

San Leandro Councilmembers Souza, Prola, and Lee seem resigned to the demise of the boat harbor. Lee says $1,500 to $2k per boat in costs.

Bella Comelo, If the City Council wants to put it on the ballot, they can.  Survey from 2007 showed not enough support to financially support Marina.

San Leandro Councilmembers Ursula Reed and Pauline Cutter also resigned to demise of boat harbor. Reed says money needed for roads.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy: advisory vote would get lots of support. But what then? Tax to support marina requires 2/3 vote, which previous poll shows would lose. Favors vote on planned development, but that wouldn’t save boat harbor. Also mentions need to maintain roads.

slpdbadgePolice Department Expansion

San Leandro City Council now onto police department space needs.  Current bldg built in 1967; seismic upgrade in 1995.

San Leandro Capt. Lemmon: If there was an earthquake like there was in 1989, we wouldn’t be able to operate at needed capacity.

San Leandro PD: Needs Assessment report had 3 options to construct a new police bldg from $60 to $71 million (2009 $) to address needs.

San Leandro PD expansion options: Address top 5 deficiencies at $6.4 million or address top 3 deficiencies at $3.8 million.

San Leandro PD expansion ranked #2 capital improvement project after street repair. Possible funding: Measure Z sales tax increase.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy questions how San Leandro City Council can decide on PD expansion options without knowing about how it will be funded.

San Leandro Councilmember Prola supportive of $6.4 million option and gym for police department expansion.

All San Leandro Councilmembers support the $6.4 million SL police dept expansion. Cutter/Prola express concerns if taxes fail in Nov.

San Leandro Councilmember Ursula Reed on PD United for Safety event: “I was hoping to win something, but that didn’t happen”

Mayor Stephen Cassidy notes that surveillance cameras approved last week have microphones. Asks for update/clarification on audio surveillance.

San Leandro City Manager says that staff will come back with recommendations on audio surveillance.

Mayor Stephen Cassidy wants to name street after Officer Dan Niemi, who was killed in the line of duty July 25, 2005.

Jul 212014
Tweets by Mike Katz-Lacabe

Tweets by Mike Katz-Lacabe

The San Leandro City Council no longer keeps minutes of its meetings. Anyone interested in what transpired has to listen through hours of recordings. There is no way to search through them either.  San Leandro Bytes editor Mike Katz-Lacabe (who is currently running for City Council) sometimes tweets from the meetings.  I’m going to start collecting his tweets to serve as the record the City Council does not want to keep. The tweets are slightly cleaned up for ease of reading.

Mayor Cassidy notes that San Leandro City Council voted to extend Measure Z (.25% sales tax) and increase to .5% mainly to fund roads.

San Leandro Town Hall meeting starts with update on Marina & Davis freeway overpass construction project. Summer 2015 ETA for completion.

Pile driving complete on San Leandro Marina overpass. Pile driving starts in August for Davis overpass: 7am to 3pm.

Question to CalTrans: Can you do something about timing of lights on Marina Blvd in San Leandro? Traffic there is horrible.

CalTrans response from Scott McCrank: We agree. We’re looking at it, but “only such green time that can be allotted.” We’re brainstorming…

San Leandro Town Hall meeting has nearly 60 attendees and about 15 City staff.

Police Chief reports that crime in San Leandro is down 7% from last year. Note that this matches regional trend.

Former San Leandro CM Howard Kerr supports increasing sales tax to 10% or more to fund more police, surveillance in streets, neighborhoods

San Leandro CMs Benny Lee, Jim Prola ,Diana Souza supported Measure Z in 2010 and support doubling

Commenter at San Leandro Town Hall: Look at cutting city government, including red light cameras, before increasing sales tax.

Dwight Pitcaithley at San Leandro Town Hall: Why aren’t voters being allowed to vote on the fate of the San Leandro Marina?

Mayor Cassidy responds to Pitcaithley: We don’t have a final plan for the San Leandro Marina yet. EIR is currently underway.

San Leandro Comm Dev Director Cynthia Battenberg notes that public wants boat harbor, but not enough to pay for it. From 11/2007 Godbe poll.

Leo West at San Leandro Town Hall: Measure Z was supposed to be a temporary tax & now it’s for 30 years. Says supporters of Measure Z lied.

Mayor Cassidy to West: We eliminated utility user tax rebate for large businesses. Spent money wisely. Doing same work with less staff.

Two more supporters of a boat harbor in San Leandro speak of a lack of vision, the marina as a gem in the Bay Area, & resident support.

Mayor Cassidy response to question from Justin Hutchison: City is working on free wifi in downtown San Leandro.