Jun 092011

There is talk around town that San Leandro School Board President, Morgan Mack-Rose, may challenge District 2 Council Member Ursula Reed in the November 2012 elections.   Mack-Rose will neither confirm or deny the rumor.

Both women ran very good campaigns back in 2008 (full disclosure, I actively helped Mack-Rose with her campaign for School Board) – Reed defeated former Council Member and then-current School Board Member Linda Perry, while Mack-Rose easily won over incumbent School Board president Ray Davis.   Both women were new to politics and ran mostly grass roots campaigns, though Reed also benefited from backing by Police, Firefighters, labor and businesses.

Ursula Reed

In recent years, though, Reed has been losing some of her support.   She has developed an inconsistent voting record and has not seemed fully prepared at some City Council meetings.  More importantly, she has shown little leadership despite her recent role as Vice Mayor; I can’t think of a single initiative she has spearheaded.   Personally, I’ve been disappointed with her votes in favor of red-light cameras, action minutes and going forward with the Faith Fellowship case, though I’ve applauded her vote against a permanent ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in San Leandro.

Morgan Mack-Rose

Mack-Rose, meanwhile, has strong progressive credentials and a reputation for dedication and hard work.  While her interests so far have been in schools, her recent appearance at an Education Rally shows her to be an inspiring speaker and practical thinker, which gives her great political potential.   Winning against Reed would be difficult, incumbents tend to win by large margins in San Leandro, but Cassidy showed that it could be done last November and Mack-Rose like challenges.

Still, only time will tell if the rumors are true and if Reed has anything to worry about.

  5 Responses to “City Gossip: Mack-Rose may challenge Reed.”

  1. If Mack Rose now lives in Council District 2 will she be leaving the school board since she no longer lives in her school district area?

    • She’s the at large representative in the School Board, which means that she represents the whole city and can live anywhere in the city.

      • Actually, not the city as a whole, but the boundaries of the San Leandro School District, which is most of the city except for Washington Manor.

  2. I would love to see Morgan-Mack Rose on the City Council. Morgan is a very intelligent thought provoking person and sees the complexities of the issues. It was be such an asset to see her on the City Council. I hope it is true that she is running; I will work on her campaign.

  3. the adultress is going to run vs Reed

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