Oct 012014

NotesThe following are the tweets sent by Mike Katz-Lacabe from the Transportation & Housing that took place on 9/22/14 at main library.

Keith Cooke: San Leandro is currently building a network of Class 2 and 3 bike paths. Limited by funding & because city is older.

First meetings for San Leandro’s General Plan update: Oct. 23 at Sr. Comm. Center & Oct. 28 at Marina Comm. Center sanleandro2035.org

San Leandro spent $15 million on streets in past 5 years. Just $750k was from general fund. Condition of roads in steady decline.

In San Leandro, 9% of all streets require reconstruction, 32% require asphalt overlay, 48% require other work.

San Leandro needs to spend $7 million/yr to maintain current road conditions for 5 yrs; $16.5 million/yr to get roads to county avg in 5 yrs

Seismic retrofit of San Leandro Bayfair BART station starts Apr. 2015 and scheduled to finish Feb. 2017. Also adding 3rd track/2nd platform.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in San Leandro: From Oakland border all the way to downtown BART station.

BRT features: Buses arrive every 5 minutes Dedicated lanes Signal priority sys Covered stations Prepaid boarding Level & multi-door boarding

Station and roadway construction for BRT in San Leandro scheduled to start mid-2015

San Leandro, BART, AC Transit all mentioned funding. Art Dao, Exec. Dir. of Alameda Co. Transp. Comm., now reviewing benefits of Measure B.

ACTC’s Art Dao doesn’t tell audience how to vote on Measure BB, but does note all of its benefits: jobs, reduce congestion, econ. activity

Measure BB will provide $3.6 million annually to City of San Leandro. BB would double 0.5% transportation sales tax & expire in 2045.

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