Oct 302014

NotesThe following are the tweets sent by Mike Katz-Lacabe from the General Plan Update meeting that took place on 10/28/14 at the Marina Community Center. Though this took place merely a week before the City Council elections, the only candidate in attendance other than Mike was Allen Schoenfeld.  Follow Mike at @slbytes

San Leandro General Plan update meeting now at Marina Community Center – about 20 attendees. 25 attendees at previous meeting.

ABAG projections for San Leandro growth 2010 to 2040: 84,950 to 107,600 residents; 39,980 to 52,920 jobs, 30,717 to 38,290 households.

Many people highlight transportation as one of San Leandro’s weaknesses at General Plan Update meeting: Buses, bikes, road conditions.

Trader Joes and Whole Foods mentioned in resident’s complaint about lack of variety of grocery stores in San Leandro.

Former City Councilmember Surlene Grant among those leading the discussion of the San Leandro General Plan update meeting.

Grant is part of the Center for Collaborative Policy at Sacramento State

San Leandro General Plan update meeting discussing whether 1999 vision for San Leandro is still valid. Most seem to think it is.

But for some, that means the vision from 1999 hasn’t been achieved. Resident says San Leandro hasn’t improved since 1999.

FYI: One of the “new” businesses in the downtown San Leandro Village Marketplace development: Great Clips

San Leandro resident says City needs to move quickly because of future competition from Oakland’s Coliseum City.

Nine of 22 people at General Plan update meeting think San Leandro has improved since 1999. No specifics though.

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