Oct 232014
Dax Choksi: Common Sense Choice for Fremont School Board

My last written recommendation for this election goes to Dax Choksi who is running for Fremont City Council.  This is based on his answers to the questionnaire I sent to him.  The Fremont School Board was mired in controversy earlier this year after they approved a sex education textbook that was too graphic for some puritanical parents, though it had the overwhelming support of health education teachers.  The Board voted to go back and use the previous textbook, which contained inaccurate information. Dax is an involved parent in Fremont schools and a man with common sense. 1) What do you think [Continue Reading]

Oct 222014
School Board Tables Vote on Spending $1.7 million To Put Police in Schools

The following are tweets from last night’s San Leandro School Board meeting, made by parent Mia Ousley  (@Mia4Council), who is currently running for City Council District 5. The SLPD applied for a $500K COPS grant to put four resource officers in San Leandro schools. In return, the district would have to pay $1.7 million dollars, and cut programs accordingly. In addition to the people quoted below, several other parents and several teachers/counselors/nurses also spoke out against accepting the grant. The student trustee – who does not get a vote – did so as well. Only Board members Diana Prola and Ron Carey [Continue Reading]

Oct 122014
Dumas and Gonzalez Best Choice for San Leandro School Board

The San Leandro School Board has two seats open this November.  The election is by plurality vote – whoever gets the most votes wins, even if they get under 50% of the total vote -, and all registered voters who live within the boundaries of the San Leandro School District can vote in both races. The race for Area 4 is between three parents: Latrina Dumas, Chike Udemezue and Leo Sheridan.  Parents Evelyn Gonzalez and Monique Taste, retired New Haven teacher Jean Kinkella, and  Peter Oshinski, who runs Hayward Unified’s school lunch program, are contesting for the At-Large seat. Among these candidates, [Continue Reading]

Apr 132014
This Election Season, Leave the Kids Alone

Don’t Ask Politicians Why Their Kids go to Private School Elections have this way of getting the worst out of people.  The line between the personal and the political can be both thin and fuzzy, and it’s easy to miss. One topic that should remain out of bounds for all political candidates are the children of their opponents, in particular when those children are minors.  It doesn’t matter if those children are holy terrors, there is no place in a legitimate campaign to make an issue out of a child’s behavior, personality, personal appearance, hobbys or education.  The last example [Continue Reading]

Jul 192013

The San Leandro School Board seems to have gotten rid of their board e-mail address, or at least it doesn’t appear anywhere on their website anywhere I can find it.  Rather than e-mailing each Board Member individually, you can use the link below to e-mail all of them, plus the Superintendent, at once. Remember, every e-mail you send to their SLUSD address is a public document, as is any e-mail you receive from them in their capacity as a Board member.  If you don’t receive an appropriate response, please feel free to share your concerns and their responses, if you [Continue Reading]