Sep 102011
STAR testing in San Leandro - Let's dump it

A week or so ago I got my daughter’s STAR test results; she’s currently a fourth grader at Roosevelt Elementary. Her scores were fine, but significantly lower than they had been the previous year, when she had attended McKinley Elementary. I was glad. Even a quick look at my daughter’s scores was enough to tell me that something is significantly flawed with the design of this test. My daughter is a great reader, she devours books. She’s also a pretty good writer, her stories have a real voice, are funny and well constructed. Her real trouble at school is in [Continue Reading]

May 272011
How San Leandro is failing its Black & Latino students

The Education Trust West, a California educational advocacy organization, has just released  A Report on District Achievement: How Low-income, African-American, and Latino Students Fare in California School Districts and it has few good things to say about the San Leandro Unified School District (SLUSD).  The report looks at how the 146 largest school districts in California are serving their African American and Latino students, focusing on student performance and improvement, the achievement gap between students of different races and the college readiness of the target population.  San Leandro comes at the very bottom of the list; it’s the lowest ranked [Continue Reading]

May 052011
Have a Beef with the School Board? Cut Mike's Tail!

Congratulations and Thank You to Rob Rich for winning this auction! Roosevelt Elementary is several hundreds of dollars richer, and after Sue of Level 5 Salon did her magic, Mike looks younger and thinner than ever. Thank you Sue! Come on, admit it! You aren’t entirely happy with how the San Leandro School Board is doing.  In particular Mike Katz-Lacabe (aka “my husband’)  should be doing a much better job!  Maybe you are a teacher and angry at him because he stuffed your classroom with kids, maybe you teach PE and resent that the Board cut your hours next year, [Continue Reading]

May 052011
San Leandro Teacher is Arrested - Good for Him!

Bancroft Middle School Science teacher Raleigh McLemore was arrested Tuesday at a protest at Wells Fargo’s annual shareholder meeting in San Francisco.  Wells Fargo is criticized for rushing to foreclose on homes without working with owners to help them keep them.  According to McLemore the foreclosure crisis has deeply affected students and teachers at Bancroft.   Parents are ashamed to talk about the troubles, and students can be suddenly gone from the classrooms. Protestors are asking Wells Fargo to “place a moratorium on all foreclosures until the bank negotiates with the coalition to establish comprehensive loan modification reforms.”  They also want [Continue Reading]

Mar 212011
On the firing of SLHS Vice Principal Patricia Crespo

At the last School Board Meeting, the board voted to fire (or “not re-elect”, whatever the proper verbiage might be) Patricia Crespo, one of the assistant Vice Principals at the High School.  Crespo had been there for just a year, and according to news reports she was very popular with Latino students.  Today Latino students at the High School came out to protest the firing, hinting perhaps that there were racial motivations at play.  Crespo is one of very few Latino/Spanish-speaking administrators, after all. Well, I don’t know why Crespo was fired (my husband is in the School Board but [Continue Reading]