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Oct 202014

candidateforumThe Hayward Demos held a candidate forum for San Leandro Mayoral and City Council candidates on Thursday, Oct. 17th.  All candidates, except for Leah Hall, were present. They answered questions from the audience.  The following are tweets from the forum sent by Mike Katz-Lacabe.  Because Mike is a candidate for District 1, he was unable to tweet during that part of the forum.



San Leandro Dist. 3 candidates Victor Aguilar & Allen Schoenfeld against armored assault vehicle. Lee Thomas wants more info and justification.
Lee Thomas disagreed with warrant-less searches of houses includes in chickens/bees ordinance.
Aguilar & Schoenfeld against red light cameras approved by City Council.
All San Leandro Dist 3 candidates support keeping San Leandro Hospital open – Schoenfeld says to clap for Mia Ousley: helped keep it open.
None of the San Leandro Dist. 3 candidates mentioned the $3 million the City has allocated to help keep San Leandro Hospital open.
Lack of questions for San Leandro Dist 3 candidates leads to an early wrap-up.
Thomas says he has the experience to be on City Council. Schoenfeld makes the case for common sense.


Leah Hall only San Leandro Dist. 5 candidate not present at candidate forum.
Mia Ousley opposes San Leandro acquiring armored assault vehicle. Corina Lopez supports/compares to safety vest.
Corina Lopez opposes rent control. Mia Ousley says no need now, but gentrification may necessitate a future review.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate supports the development at the Marina. Says environment must be protected. Opposes dredging.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidates supports Adventure Playground and small boats at Marina.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate Lopez says oversight committee has say in Measure HH funds. Mia Ousley: City Council can spend how it wants
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate Lopez: opposed raising Chinese flag at City Hall. Mia Ousley opposed elimination of full council minutes.


San Leandro mayoral Dan Dillman: You have 2 choices: two City Council members with 12 years of experience between them or an outsider.
Dillman is first to mention ebola at tonight’s candidate forum. Says we need to stop the fear.
San Leandro mayoral candidate Diana Souza: avoids answering question on raising Chinese flag. Supports armored assault vehicle for SLPD
San Leandro mayoral candidate Pauline Cutter: opposed raising Chinese flag; sounds supportive of armored assault vehicle for SLPD
San Leandro mayoral candidates on being a full time Mayor: Dillman: Yes; Cutter: Yes; Souza: avoids answering question directly.
Asked whether they supported funding San Leandro Hospital, Cutter said she supported it. Souza avoided answering the question.

Oct 072012

San Leandro City Council incumbents rarely face serious competition in San Leandro.  If anyone bothers to run against an incumbent, chances are it will be someone who is doing little more than putting his or her name on the ballot.  Serious candidates usually wait until the incumbent is termed out.

School Board President Morgan Mack-Rose and Bal Theater owner Dan Dillman are hoping to beat the odds and become the second candidates in San Leandro history to unseat an incumbent.  Reed appears to be seriously concerned that Mack-Rose will.

The three candidates faced each other off at the Chamber of Commerce/League of Women’s Voters debate on September 25th.  Candidates for other districts participated as well, answering the exact same questions.  Here, I’m are the video clips from the forum, edited to only include the statement and answers from candidates for District 2.  You can see those from District 4 here.  The questions are not presented in the order they were asked or answered.

Incumbents for City Council seats tend to do better in fora because they know the job better.  This didn’t seem to be the case with respect to Ursula Reed who almost invariably had weaker answers that Mack-Rose.  Dan Dillman kept true to his platform of “changing the status quo”.  Full disclosure: he has my vote.

Opening Statements

“What are your specific proposals for raising revenue in the next four years?”

“What is your position on Measure L?”

“What will you do to help retain businesses?”

“With such high unemployment yet so much construction going on, would you support a program of San Leandro jobs for San Leandro people like Oakland’s recent initiative of Oakland jobs for Oakland people?”

“On police, fire, and employees’ pensions, should there be a top limit of $100,000 or $110,000?”

“What would you do to bring the many communities San Leandro together?”

“As an elected Councilmember, how would you assure that events like tonight have large attendance of students, especially high schools?”

Closing Statements