San Leandro Voter Recommendations



Print and take to the polls

State Superintendent of Schools: Tom Torlakson
County Superintendent of Schools: No Recommendation
Chabot-Las Positas College Trustee: Isobel F. Dvorsky
AC Transit Director Al-large: Dollene C. Jones
AC Transit Director Ward 4: Murphy McCalley
BART District 4: No Recommendation
Oro Loma Sanitary District: Dan Walters

Mayor –  FIRST: write in Gregg Daly; SECOND: Dan Dillman; THIRD: Pauline Cutter
City Council District 1 –  FIRST: Mike Katz-Lacabe; SECOND: Ken Pon; THIRD: David Anderson
City Council District 3 – FIRST:  Allen Schoenfeld; SECOND: Victor Aguilar; THIRD: Lee Thomas
City Council District 5 – FIRST:  Mia Ousley; SECOND: Corina Lopez

SL School Board, At Large: Evelyn Gonzalez
SL School Board, Area 4: Latrina Dumas

San Lorenzo School Board (vote 2): Janet Zamudio and Steven Kirk


Prop 1: No
Prop 2: No
Prop 45: Yes
Prop 46: No
Prop 47: Yes
Prop 48: No
Measure BB: Yes
Measure HH: No
Measure II: No

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  1. Thanks for the information you’ve provided here. It is helping me make my voting choices. There isn’t much online about local candidates. You are filling a void. Your questionnaire with candidate answers was especially helpful.

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