Peter Oshinski


Peter Oshinski

Occupation: Child Nutrition Administrator/Educator

My Education and qualifications are: Associate’s in Elementary Education, Bachelor’s in Consumer Family Studies. My 8 years of experience includes teaching college-level courses, a Hayward Unified School District Administrator and Consultant for the California Department of Education. During my career spanning several local public agencies, my responsibilities included financial and budget administration, executive recruitment, and labor relations. As a proven District Administrator, I bring the desire to improve the San Leandro School District by creating an environment where every child has the opportunity to succeed. I believe the Board’s job is to foster this educational environment where students thrive, not merely produce adequate test scores. My vision for a healthy learning environment includes safer schools, creating pathways from school to college or good quality jobs and attracting and keeping quality teachers and administrators. And, where all students are encouraged to follow their dreams regardless of their background. I applaud the adoption of Project Based Learning, which supports this belief. I want the School District’s Budgetary decisions to reflect this priority too. I will proactively solicit the opinions of parents and teachers to assist the Board in the decision-making process, thus making the Board more responsive to community needs.

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I am both an administrator and educator. I currently work for Hayward Unified School District as Manager of Child Nutrition and Warehouse Delivery Systems. The main focus of my job is adhering to Federal and State regulations. I am also a Consultant for California Department of Education and provide them with recipes that follow these regulations and are used in a data base that is shared with school districts all over the nation.

In addition to feeding over 3 million meals a year, I am responsible for the delivery of all food, supplies, mail, textbooks, and any materials that the 31 sites may need. I also manage the District Movers who handle moving all District furniture and equipment, classrooms, whole schools, kitchen equipment e-waste and surplus.

I am also an educator. I taught at the Culinary Academy for approximately 5 years and 3 years teaching on-line courses in the Bachelors Program for Scottsdale Culinary Institute. I wrote curriculum that is used across the United States. I know what it is like for a teacher to be working in a classroom with limited and broken equipment. I know what it is like to have administration that is so concerned with profit that they negate the needs of the students by not providing adequate materials. I know what it is like to not be supported by administration when expressing my concerns on how the institution is run.

I feel both of these experiences make me the top candidate for this seat. Working in the Business Department gives me the knowledge of what it takes to run a school district.

I work closely with over 100 SEIU members every day. I know that it takes ALL of us to give the students the quality education they deserve. I could not do it by myself.


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