Shelia Young


Shelia Young
Occupation: Business/Environmental Consultant

My education and qualifications are:

In 2008 I was named Mayor Emeritus of the City of San Leandro after years of effective
public service. It is time for a new perspective on the Oro Loma Board, one that offers
innovative thinking focused on our future. I possess the knowledge, education and
experience to address our wastewater collection and treatment needs and to provide
innovative and cost-effective solid waste and recycling services. During my years as
mayor, I served as a member and also Chair of the East Bay Dischargers Authority,
a joint powers organization formed to collectively manage wastewater treatment and
disposal services for a population in Alameda County of 800,000. I also served as
President of both the Alameda County Waste Management Authority and the Source
Reduction and Recycling Board. These agencies are responsible for the environmental
choices and changes that make us so much more conscious of conservation and mindful
of waste reduction and recycling. I would be the first woman to serve on the Oro Loma
Board and have the proven tools to assist the District in decisions regarding our future. I
respectfully ask for your vote.

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