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Oct 302014

NotesThe San Leandro City Council eliminated full minutes of Council meetings several years ago.  To make up for this, and keep San Leandrans informed of what the Council is up to, Mike Katz-Lacabe tweets from the meetings. I’ve started compiling his tweets on this blog.  You can follow Mike’s tweets at @slbytes

These are the meetings from the 10/20/14 meeting. The Council voted on whether to accept the COPS grant. This provides $500K to fund four school resource officers, but requires the San Leandro School district to pay $1.7 million in matching funds. The following day, the School Board tabled the vote on whether to accept the grant until November 18th. Mike Katz-Lacabe spoke both at the City Council and School Board meeting against accepting the grant.  

According to presentation at San Leandro City Council, San Leandro Hospital had positive revenue in June and July 2014.

Cleophus Quealy joins the San Leandro brewery cluster (soft opening Nov. 1)

Proposed updates to San Leandro’s Casa Peralta: $75k for interior and $225k for exterior – inc. broken tile repair at front wall/fountain
The proposal for the kitchen was along the lines of authentic for the era – not a modern restaurant-grade kitchen

San Leandro History Walk videos now available at http://www.sanleandro.org/about/hwv/default.asp Videos done by Arroyo High student Jordan Schultz.


San Leandro’s Homeless Task Force has met 4 times so far. Liz Varela (Bldg Futures) & Rose Johnson (Davis Street) are co-chairs.

San Leandro Homeless Task Force recommends $62k to homeless services from $150k allocated to Building Futures, which got state funding.

Liz Varela of Building Futures estimates that there are 50 chronically homeless people in San Leandro.

COPS Grant

Item 10B on COPS grant for 4 additional school resource officers has been moved up the schedule for the San Leandro City Council meeting.

San Leandro’s COPS grant calls for experienced officer for the positions – this means non-entry-level officers.

Current school resource officers assigned to San Leandro Unified are Cathy Pickard and Tom Rogers.

The proposal is for four total officers – not six. As for why four? Haven’t heard the reasoning about that yet.

SLUSD Deputy Sup. Rosanna Mucetti note that paying for San Leandro police officers takes money away from classroom.

San Leandro Teachers Association President Jon Sherr says COPS grant subsidizes police department & could be spent in students.

San Leandro Board member Corina Lopez asks City Council to table vote on COPS grant until School Board considers the matter.

Parent of San Leandro kindergarten student doesn’t want funds vital to schools being spent on police officers.

Mayor Cassidy notes that the staff report on COPS grant isn’t quite accurate – but still results in zero net cost to San Leandro.

Mayor Cassidy recommends that City Council conditionally accept the COPS grant, but consider a more fair division of costs.

In response to City Council member Ursula Reed, San Leandro PD notes that previous grant for 5 officers expires Dec. 2014. City has to pay full cost for 4th year.

San Leandro City Council member Cutter expresses concern that school resource officers would be eliminated. SLPD Chief says yes, because of grant expiration.

San Leandro City Manager Zapata says there are currently 90 officers – grant would add 4. Says no officers cut when budgets previously cut.

San Leandro City Council member Prola will vote in favor of the resolution and let City Manager Zapata figure out the financial terms.

SLPD Chief says there are 90,000 calls annually. Says 40% of crime is related to juveniles.

San Leandro City Council member Souza says school district has received more money while City has not. Asks if school district has previously paid for police

San Leandro Mayor Cassidy making strong case for City paying most of cost of officers and suddenly ending city paying for school officers.

Oct 222014

policeschoolThe following are tweets from last night’s San Leandro School Board meeting, made by parent Mia Ousley  (@Mia4Council), who is currently running for City Council District 5. The SLPD applied for a $500K COPS grant to put four resource officers in San Leandro schools. In return, the district would have to pay $1.7 million dollars, and cut programs accordingly. In addition to the people quoted below, several other parents and several teachers/counselors/nurses also spoke out against accepting the grant. The student trustee – who does not get a vote – did so as well. Only Board members Diana Prola and Ron Carey spoke in favor (but see comment below). 

Any parent who is concerned about using education money to fund police officers and/or has an opinion on what educational programs should be cut/not restored in order to pay for them, should speak out at the Nov. 18th School Board meeting and e-mail the Board.

For more information please e-mail School Board member Mike Katz-Lacabe: mkatz@slusd.us

Tweets from the School Board meeting

Evelyn Gonzalez approves of School Resource Officers, just asks for city to foot most of the bill.

Jessica Sievert – Mom of kindergardener, our work is to help change trajectory of at-risk youth so we don’t need police in schools.
Feels district is being forced to pay, district’s hand is being twisted. Feels politically inappropriate way to allocate money.
Any funding for students should not be pulled from other education resources to fund this.

Cynthia Chandler — Letter from district said Bancroft so deficient that parents have right to transfer out of district, so why spend money on police rather than on getting resources needed in classrooms and for teachers.

Liz Torres – 3 kids in 3rd, 6th, and 12th grade. We need safety and resources in schools, not more police.
$1.69 million should go to programs that uplift and inspire our children and prevent violence, not react to it.
Policing campuses is wrong direction and is misuse of our funds. After-school programs are what we need more of, what helps kids.

[School Board Trustee] Mike Katz-Lacabe – We have 1.8 nurses for 8800 students, this will prevent us from restoring cuts made in the past.
Doesn’t want to establish a precedent for the district funding SROs, outstanding Cathy Pickard notwithstanding.
Yet to see data showing SROs increase safety. Anecdotes are not evidence.
How many of our students get arrested instead of receiving school discipline  and what is their racial make-up? We (the school board) should NOT approve this grant.

[Mia Ousley‘s]  own statement — do not accept this grant because: (1) $$ needed for counselors, after-school programs, supplies, etc. – not police
(2) Hiring police to do job of counselors is harmful to students, and expensive to district.
(3) $1.7 million over 4 years is $106,250/year/officer . . . seems we’re paying MOST of their cost, not just some.
(4) Police shouldn’t help run student groups or after school programs, as the grant requires.
(5) Adding police to schools sends message that we expect kids to get into trouble.
(6) District should instead be teaching non-violent communication, implementing restorative justice, and hiring trained counselors.
And finally (7) It’s shameful this issue didn’t come before parents BEFORE SLPD applied for grant & BEFORE City Council voted on it.

Motion tabled ’til Nov. 18 meeting. Board President [Lance James] wants to give supporters a chance for public input to counter tonight’s public speakers.
Trustee Diana Prola only one to vote NO on tabling, saying “We need to have the cojones to vote the way we think.”
My opponent for City Council [Corina Lopez] was the only Trustee not to speak on the issue at all; perhaps she didn’t want to say anything controversial?

Oct 202014

candidateforumThe Hayward Demos held a candidate forum for San Leandro Mayoral and City Council candidates on Thursday, Oct. 17th.  All candidates, except for Leah Hall, were present. They answered questions from the audience.  The following are tweets from the forum sent by Mike Katz-Lacabe.  Because Mike is a candidate for District 1, he was unable to tweet during that part of the forum.



San Leandro Dist. 3 candidates Victor Aguilar & Allen Schoenfeld against armored assault vehicle. Lee Thomas wants more info and justification.
Lee Thomas disagreed with warrant-less searches of houses includes in chickens/bees ordinance.
Aguilar & Schoenfeld against red light cameras approved by City Council.
All San Leandro Dist 3 candidates support keeping San Leandro Hospital open – Schoenfeld says to clap for Mia Ousley: helped keep it open.
None of the San Leandro Dist. 3 candidates mentioned the $3 million the City has allocated to help keep San Leandro Hospital open.
Lack of questions for San Leandro Dist 3 candidates leads to an early wrap-up.
Thomas says he has the experience to be on City Council. Schoenfeld makes the case for common sense.


Leah Hall only San Leandro Dist. 5 candidate not present at candidate forum.
Mia Ousley opposes San Leandro acquiring armored assault vehicle. Corina Lopez supports/compares to safety vest.
Corina Lopez opposes rent control. Mia Ousley says no need now, but gentrification may necessitate a future review.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate supports the development at the Marina. Says environment must be protected. Opposes dredging.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidates supports Adventure Playground and small boats at Marina.
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate Lopez says oversight committee has say in Measure HH funds. Mia Ousley: City Council can spend how it wants
San Leandro Dist 5 candidate Lopez: opposed raising Chinese flag at City Hall. Mia Ousley opposed elimination of full council minutes.


San Leandro mayoral Dan Dillman: You have 2 choices: two City Council members with 12 years of experience between them or an outsider.
Dillman is first to mention ebola at tonight’s candidate forum. Says we need to stop the fear.
San Leandro mayoral candidate Diana Souza: avoids answering question on raising Chinese flag. Supports armored assault vehicle for SLPD
San Leandro mayoral candidate Pauline Cutter: opposed raising Chinese flag; sounds supportive of armored assault vehicle for SLPD
San Leandro mayoral candidates on being a full time Mayor: Dillman: Yes; Cutter: Yes; Souza: avoids answering question directly.
Asked whether they supported funding San Leandro Hospital, Cutter said she supported it. Souza avoided answering the question.

Oct 102014
Mike Katz-Lacabe

Mike Katz-Lacabe

The race for City Council District 1 features four very different candidates with very diverse backgrounds.  Mike Katz-Lacabe, my husband, is an IT security professional, a twice elected member of the School Board and a human rights & privacy rights activist.   David Anderson is a retired sheet metal worker who moved to San Leandro a few years ago.  Ken Pon is a self-employed accountant, very active in the Downtown Business Association and other civic organizations.  Deborah Cox is a home maker and prodigious fundraiser, who has chaired several community organizations, mostly related to education.  They will be elected through ranked choice voting, which allows voter to rank up to three candidates in their order of preference.   In San Leandro, all voters are able to vote for all City Council and School Board seats.

My recommendations for this race are:

First Choice: Mike Katz-Lacabe
Second Choice: Ken Pon
Third Choice: David Anderson


It won’t surprise anyone that my first choice for this district is my husband, Mike Katz-Lacabe.  I could claim to be unbiased, but I can’t possibly be so.  I know him much more than any of the other candidates and I married the man, in part, because I appreciate his qualities.   Many of those qualities, though not all, will make him be a great city council member.  The best I can do for my readers  is to be as candid as possible about both his strengths and faults and let the voters decide.

Mike’s greatest strength on this race is that he’s the only candidate who knows what’s going on at City Hall.  Not only has he either attended or listened to every City Council meeting for the last four years, but he actually reads the background materials and does his own research.  That’s how he discovered that, unbeknownst to the City Council, the surveillance cameras they voted to approve would have hidden microphones.  He found out the San Leandro Police  Department would be getting an armored personnel carrier by looking through the minutes of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.  Simply said, there is nobody in San Leandro who knows more about what’s going on in town and who is most committed to finding out what’s left hidden.

Indeed, though Mike is an unapologetic liberal, it was his knowledge and understanding of the City’s financial situation which got him the endorsement of the Oakland Tribune.  “A school board trustee, Katz-Lacabe stood out for his comprehension of the debt the city faces.”

Mike is also uncommonly intelligent and competent.  While it’s the former that I cherish most as his wife, it’s the latter which made him succeed both in the School Board and in his career.  When push comes to shove, you want people in power who can both understand the big picture and come up with solutions to short and long term problems.  The flipside is that when you are competent, people come to rely on you and you end up being pulled in too many directions.

One of the qualities that drew me most to Mike was his intrinsic morality.  He knows right from wrong, and he strives to do the former.  This is a very rare quality in a human being, much less in a politician.  He is committed to human rights, social justice and to make people’s lives better.  If he wasn’t an atheist, he’d be a great Christian.

Finally, Mike’s social skills have served him very well in the School Board and I think they will continue to do so in the City Council.  Unlike me, Mike doesn’t make many enemies.  He treats everyone with respect and receives it in turn.  He believes in the need for collaboration and therefore he doesn’t burn bridges.

I am concerned, however, about Mike’s effectiveness as a legislator.  In the School Board, he was  unable to pass progressive policies such as banning the teaching of overtly religious songs to elementary school children, de-emphasizing standardized testing and passing a district-wide research-based homework policy.

In my opinion Mike’s greatest flaw as a Board member has been his unwillingness or inability to hold the Superintendent and staff accountable for significant gaffes.  For example, when then Superintendent Cindy Cathey attended a City Council meeting to speak against marijuana dispensaries, he did not publicly call her out on this.  Cathey did it at the request of the Chief of Police and without informing the Board, which constitutes an abuse of power that merited a censure.  I can only hope Mike will take a stronger attitude towards the City Manager, if he blindsides the Council in a similar manner.

More on Mike Katz-Lacabe: Candidate questionnaire, candidate statement, Smart Voter, Facebook, comments at Council meetings, news articles quoting Mike, SL Times’ candidate profile, tweeter: @slbytes


Ken Pon is not a particularly strong candidate.  Though he is an accountant, he has demonstrated a lack of knowledge about the City’s finances.  He has not been attending City Council meetings and his knowledge of what’s going on in the City seems sketchy. He would not answer the Nextdoor/SLT candidate questionnaire.  On the plus side, Ken Pon does have legislative experience – he served two terms in the School Board – and while he lost re-election after a financial scandal, he at least understands how a body of this type works.  City Council member Ursula Reed, who had neither held elected office nor attended Council meetings before being elected, famously said that it took her a whole term to learn the job.  Pon is likely to need less time.   Pon also seems less likely to be a pawn for the City Manager/Police Chief.  He is not blindly supporting measure HH and he is not as beholden to the police union as his opponents.

More on Kenneth Pon: Candidate Statement, Smart Voter, Website, Facebook page, APA Questionnaire, SL Times’ candidate profile


I have decided to recommend David Anderson as my third choice vote after the last candidate forum, where the differences between Anderson and Deborah Cox became clear.  While they are both conservative and pro-law enforcement, Anderson is committed on hearing what the community has to say, while Cox is mostly interested in doing what the Police tells her.  When asked how they’d vote on the City acquiring an armored personnel carrier,  Anderson said he was personally against it but would hold community fora to hear what the citizens had to say. Cox was only interested in talking to the police about it.

David Anderson and Deborah Cox would both, however,  make terrible additions to the City Council.   Neither of them has been able to articulate any specific policy or plan they would pursue if elected, neither seems to have even the most basic understanding of how the City Council and City Hall work, neither attends City Council meetings, and Cox’ only policy contributions have been to advocate against medical marijuana dispensaries (a position she abandoned when she sought the Democratic Party’s endorsement) and for the closed sale of the city-owned former downtown Albertson’s property to developer David Irmer, one of her campaign contributors.  Moreover, neither was willing/able to return the SLT/Nextdoor candidate questionnaire and at the candidate fora both candidates said nothing but platitudes, and not particularly well articulated ones. Moreover, they are both supported by the Benny Lee camp. Anderson features several photos of himself with Benny Lee on his fliers while Lee’s close associates are advocating for Cox.

More on Deborah Cox: Candidate Statement, Smart Voter, Website, Facebook page, APA Questionnaire, SL Times’ candidate profile

More on David Anderson: Candidate Statement,  Smart VoterAPA Questionnaire, SL Times’ candidate profile

Oct 072014
Mike Katz-Lacabe

Mike Katz-Lacabe

He said it!

Mike Katz-Lacabe often speaks out at City Council meetings. The following are summaries of what he’s said, taken from official minutes and/or newspaper accounts. Unfortunately, the minutes often times do not actually report what public speakers said, and in the cases of City Council working sessions, minutes are not always taken. That’s one of the many items Mike wants to reform if he gets elected.


Mike Katz-Lacabe, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting
that 2009 is the 100th Anniversary of the first San Leandro Cherry Festival and urging
the Council to restore the Cherry Festival and Sunday library hours. City Council meeting, 6/19/06


School board member Mike Katz-Lacabe spoke against raising the flag. He and his fellow trustees on the board decided not to hold their Oct. 1 meeting at City Hall as planned and have asked the superintendent to find a new location. City Council Meeting 9/3/13, as reported in the San Leandro Times.


Mike Katz-Lacabe, President of the San Leandro School Board of Trustees, who
was joined by District Superintendent Christine Lim and Board Member Pauline
Cutter, addressed the City Council, expressing appreciation to the Council, staff and
ACI for their willingness to consider the District’s request. Trustee Katz-Lacabe
commented on the benefit of this cooperation to the students, parents, and the
community. City Council meeting,4/6/09


Mike Katz commented that the MCE on the Hayward fault should be re- evaluated in light of
this year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Disaster Council, 15/7/11


Mike Katz, 46 Estabrook Street, addressed the City Council in opposition to the
use of Eminent Domain to take control of business property. City Council Meeting, City Council meeting,9/18/00


Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, asking the Council to hold
off on the decision to approve the MOUs, and commenting that the incoming Council should
be allowed to vote on them. City Council meeting, 12/20/10

Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting that San
Leandro is only one of three cities that pays the employee portion of PERS, and urging
the Council to adopt the resolution. City Council Meeting, 7/5/11


MIKE KATZ-LACABE, San Leandro resident, commented that he felt the Zoning
Code amendments would unnecessarily limit the uses of the industrial area. City Council meeting, 2/21/12


Michael Katz, 46 Estabrook St., addressed the City Council, requesting the Council adopt
an advisory resolution urging the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to begin issuing
malTiage licenses to same-sex couples. City Council Meeting, 3/1/04


Mike Katz, 46 Estabrook Street, described Mr. Berger’s scare tactics as “very entertaining.” He said
we’re talking about a windmill on a piece of property that is zoned for industrial use – which is
neither in the marsh nor on sensitive environment land. As a regular user of the Bay Trail, he said
the most prominent features there are the 12-story-tall electric towers between the Heron Bay
development and the Bay, followed by the regular aircraft landings. He said the aircraft are about 16
times louder than the wind turbine. Mr. Katz said there have been plenty of studies, including one in
December 2009 by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that looked at the effect of wind
turbines on nearby home prices and found no correlation. He also cited a January 2012 study for the
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Massachusetts Department of Public
Health that documented no epidemiologically significant impacts of noise from wind turbines on
nearby populations.

Encouraging the BZA to grant the variance requested, Mr. Katz asked them to think about the
scientific documentation and not what people’s fears are generating. This is not a wind-farm project,
he said, but a project by a company in the business of refurbishing wind turbines and another similar
company would want the same. Mr. Katz said he supports the requirement for monitoring effects on
avian life, but he cited domestic cats, electrical power lines and communication towers as more
dangerous to birds than a wind turbine. He cited a University of Southern California study released
in April 2012 that documented seven million annual bird kills by the communication towers we rely
on for cellular phone and TV service. Mr. Katz said that having an EIR would not be a bad thing, but
in this case he considers it inappropriate. Board of Zoning Adjustments Regular Meeting Minutes February 7, 2013


Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, requesting the City Council to adopt a shorter moratorium and commenting that 10 months would provide
sufficient time. Mr. Katz commented that the City should not dismiss medical
marijuana as an opportunity for business. City Council Meeting 11/15/10

MIKE KATZ, San Leandro resident, spoke in opposition of banning medical marijuana
dispensaries, and disputed the idea that marijuana is a gateway drug. City Council Meeting 6/18/1



MIKE KATZ- LACABE, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council regarding
the need to incorporate a civilian oversight component in the mutual aid agreement. City Council meeting, 11/7/11

School board member Mike Katz-Lacabe said that Spagnoli appeared to be making progress within the department. Katz-Lacabe also reminded the CIty Council that they are in charge of watching over the police department.

“It’s a great start in changing a department with $1 million in lawsuits,” said Katz-Lacabe. “I hope the City Council does its job and treats (the police department) like the rest of the city departments and does oversight.” City Council working session 11/28/11 , as reported by the San Leandro Times.

Surveillance Cameras

Mike Katz-Lacabe – who is running for City Council in District 1 this November – said that if the cameras are installed in public places with no expectation of privacy, maybe the footage should be broadcast publicly for all to see on the internet to avoid police misuse.

Katz-Lacabe also said that the City Council should be in charge of the camera policy rather than the police, regardless of whether the police have good intentions and safety in mind.

“Police are not elected officials, they do not represent us,” said Katz-Lacabe. City Council Meeting 7/21/14, as reported in the San Leandro Times.

Public speaker and school board member Mike Katz-Lacabe told the council that he had major concerns about the cameras, mainly that they have never been proven deterrent to crime and the cameras simply placate people.

“Is reducing the fear of crime a legitimate reason for installing these? Wouldn’t actually reducing crime be better?” Katz-Lacabe asked. City Council Meeting 4/4/14, as reported in the San Leandro Times.

Public speaker Mike Katz-Lacabe has been a vocal critic of the cameras and once again spoke out against them.

“I encourage you to give this (the cameras and storage of the photos) a lot of scrutiny,” Katz-Lacabe to the City Council. City Council working session, 12/9/13 as reported in the San Leandro Times.

Katz-Lacabe also questioned whether the cameras were effective deterrents. He said that when

they do catch criminals, they most often nab small time violations like expired tags. City Council meeting, 9/3/13 , as reported in the San Leandro Times.

Katz-Lacabe said he was happy that the photo storage policy has changed, but didn’t see why photos needed to be stored at all. He said he was also concerned that the change was made by the police department, not by the City Council in a public meeting.

“The police are city employees funded by San Leandro residents and policy changes should be discussed,” said Katz-Lacabe. City Council meeting, 12/10/12 , as reported in the San Leandro Times.


Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, stating that he felt
RCV would encourage more people to vote, and possibly to run for office. He
commented that voter turnout is 30% higher in November. Mr. Katz commented that
the biggest issue is cost, and he asked whether the City should implement RCV now,
and start saving now, or start saving later. City Council Meeting, 1/19/10


Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting on the RedFlex
red light camera agreement. Mr. Katz asked the Council to consider whether red light
cameras are the most cost – effective tools for reducing traffic accidents, and whether the
$414,000 per year the City spends on red light cameras would be better spent on police
officers. City Council Meeting 3/21/11

Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, providing reasons for
not approving the contract and commenting that cameras were not installed at other
more dangerous intersections in San Leandro. City Council Meeting, 4/4/11

At the April 4 City Council meeting, resident and school board trustee Mike Katz-Lacabe said residents were paying hefty red light tickets “at a time when our economy, not to mention our residents, can hardly bear that burden.”

Katz-Lacabe mentioned several studies indicating extending yellow lights can do an equal, if not better, job at reducing red light violations and accidents. San Leandro Patch’s report on Mike’s comments at 4/4/11 meeting.

Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting that red
light cameras are not installed at most dangerous intersections in San Leandro. Mr.
Katz suggested that lengthening the yellow light timing would be more effective than
red light cameras at reducing collisions. Mr. Katz commented on cities that have
chosen not to renew their red light camera contracts. City Council Meeting 4/18/11


Building Futures for Women and Children – Shelter

Public speaker Mike Katz-Lacabe urged the council to approve the funding.

“Building Futures is doing the work our government should be doing, but is not,” said Katz-Lacabe. City Council Meeting 5/19/14, as reported in the San Leandro Times.


Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting that the
EveryOne Horne Plan importantly recognizes that homelessness is a regional problem
and that preventing homelessness is easier than rectifYing it. Mr. Katz urged the City
Council’s support for the Plan. City Council Meeting 12/11/06


“Action” Minutes

Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, commenting on
transparency and accountability issues of action minutes, and urging the City Council to
vote against approval. City Council Meeting, 5/16/11

Audio Record of Meetings

Mike Katz, San Leandro resident, addressed the City Council, suggesting that the audio
recordings of City Council meetings be recorded in digital format and posted on the City’s

City Manager Jermanis commented that staff would look into Mr. Katz’s suggestion to
digitize the audio recordings of Council meeting proceedings. City Council Meeting 5/6/06

Sale of old Albertson’s Property (now “The Village”)

MIKE KATZ, San Leandro resident, commented on the Issues with the process, such as the purchase of the property from Norcal, the Request for Qualifications process,
the number of community meetings held, and the purchase price of the property. City Council Meeting 5/21/12

School board member Mike Katz-Lacabe did not support or oppose the project but argued that the planning process had never really given community members a voice until it was a done deal. San Leandro Patch’s report of Mike’s comments above.


Speaker Mike Katz-Lacabe said that the proposed ordinance is “ironic,” as the city recently removed the Juana Avenue trees. City Council Meeting 5/19/14, as reported in the San Leandro Times.


Public speaker Mike Katz-Lacabe said that the ordinance could discourage agriculture enthusiasts if it is too strict.

“This whole approach strikes me as wrong,” said Katz-Lacabe. “It’s not a matter of animal control, it’s urban farming.” City Council Meeting 3/18/13, as reported in the San Leandro Times.