Randy Brandt

Mar 032014

The San Leandro Police Department, and in particular Chief Sandra Spagnoli, have never quite understood the difference between pushing propaganda and outright lying.  So when Lt. Randy Brandt sent out this tweet:

in reference to this press release, I was suspicious.  So I tweeted back:

That same night I filed a California Public Records Act request for “any records of reports of “suspicious activities,” made by citizens in person, by phone, by text or through social or another media and received by the San Leandro Police Department on February 20th, 2014.”  Today, I got a reply from the City:

Dear Ms. Lacabe,

The San Leandro Police Department has no records responsive 
to your request as described below.  Your records request is 
now completed and closed.  Please contact me if you have any 
questions.  Thank you.

Vivian Chiu
Deputy City Clerk

Did Lt. Randy Brandt get carried away and figured this was just a white lie? Or is the Police Department so incompetent that it does not actually keep records of the calls they get? You be the judge.