Nov 062016
Developers Skirt Contribution Limits and Funnel Tens of Thousands of Dollars into Fremont Mayor Race

Incumbent Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison is a darling of housing developers.  He has never seen a development worth questioning, much less voting against.  And developers are repaying his generosity with their own, not only directing tens of thousands of dollars directly into his campaign but contributing tens of thousands more to a local Democratic Party organ, money used to produce and send mailers asking Democratic voters to vote for Harrison. According to campaign finance disclosure forms filed with the California Department of State, the Ohlone Area United Democratic Campaign (OAUDC)  has received $60,000 from housing developers in the last two [Continue Reading]

Oct 292016
Alameda County Progressive Voter Guide to the November 2016 Election: The Candidates

Every election, I publish a Voter Guide trying to identify the most progressive candidates running for office in Alameda County.  I do as much research as I can on the candidates, send out questionnaires and meet with them when possible.  And yet, often times I get it wrong.  I recommend a candidate who then turns out to be less than progressive while in office. This time, I’m being more cautious.  I’m only recommending candidates who are bona fide progressives, who supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, and have a record of standing up for social justice and civil liberties.  In [Continue Reading]

Oct 272016
SLT's Guide to Voter Guides and Endorsements

Every year, I publish a Progressive Voters’ Guide to elections in Alameda County.  But SLT’s guide is just one of several voters guide and endorsement lists you can use. Here is a little guide to the other voter guides and endorsement lists, with my thoughts about them.  Please let me know of other local guides you know. Green Voter Guide This is a publication of the Green Party of Alameda County.  Very few Greens run for office, so most of the candidates the Greens recommend are progressive Democrats.  I like that they do their homework on them, sending comprehensive questionnaires [Continue Reading]

Oct 182016
Alameda County Progressive Voter Guide to the November 2016 Election: The Propositions

These are my recommendations on how to vote on State and Local Propositions in Alameda County. Italics signify that I’m less sure about that recommendation. Comments are welcomed.  Please also check out my Progressive Voter Guide to Candidates running in Alameda County. STATE & COUNTY PROPOSITIONS Quick Guide 51 = No 52 = Yes 53 = No 54 = Yes 55 =Yes 56 = No 57 = Yes 58 = No 59 = Yes 60 = No 61 = Yes 62 = Yes 63 = No 64 = Yes 65 = No 66 = No 67 = Yes A1 = [Continue Reading]

Oct 022016
SLT Endorsements: Jesse Arreguín for Berkeley Mayor

SLT’s endorsements and recommendations are based upon personal or phone interviews, questionnaires sent to the candidates and other research on them.  I only endorse candidates that I believe are truly progressive, support a clean government agenda, transparency and accountability. Endorsing Jesse Arreguín for Mayor of Berkeley is a no-brainer and probably an exercise in futility.  After all, Jesse has already been endorsed by both the Democratic Party and the Green Party, Alameda Central Labor and the Sierra Club, Democracy for America, Dolores Huerta and the Berkeley Planet, in addition to dozens of other progressive organizations, politicians and activists.  Most importantly, [Continue Reading]