2014 Voting Recommendations


These are my endorsements and voting recommendations for non-partisan races that affect the cities within Alameda County and state and local measures. I’m a strong liberal and I look for candidates that support human rights, equity and social justice, but who are also competent and knowledgeable about the office they’re vying for.  Click on a candidate’s name to see why I recommend her/him.

Congress District 17: Ro Khanna

Assembly District 15: Tony Thurmond

State Superintendent:  Tom Torlakson
County Superintendent: No Recommendation
Chabot-Las Positas District:  Isobel Dvorsky
Peralta, Area 5: David Ralston
Peralta, Area 7: Richard Fuentes

Alameda Mayor: Trish Spencer
Alameda City Council: Jim Oddie

Albany School Board:Paul Black and Charles Blanchard

Berkeley City Council District 1: Alejandro Soto-Vigil
BerkeleyCity Council District 7: Kriss Worthington
BerkeleyCity Council District 8: George Beier
Berkeley School Board:Ty Alper and Josh Daniels

Castro Valley School Board: Dot Theodore

Emeryville School Board: John Affeldt

Fremont City Council: David Bonaccorsi and Raj Salwan
Fremont School Board: Dax Choksi

Oakland Mayor:  Dan Siegel
Oakland City Council District 4: Annie Campbell Washington
Oakland City Council District 6: Desley Brooks
Oakland Auditor: Len Raphael
Oakland School Board District 2: Aimee Eng
Oakland School Board District 4: Karl Debro
Oakland School Board District 6: Shanthi Gonzales

Pleasanton Mayor: Matt Morrison
Pleasanton City Council: Olivia Sanwong
Pleasanton School Board: Mark Miller

San Leandro Mayor:  1st choice: Gregg Daly, 2nd choice: Dan Dillman, 3rd choice: Pauline Cutter
San Leandro City Council District 1: 1st choice: Mike Katz-Lacabe, 2nd choice: Ken Pon, 3rd choice David Anderson
San Leandro City Council District 3: 1st choice Allen Schoenfled, 2nd: Victor Aguilar, 3rd choice Lee Thomas
San Leandro City Council District 5: 1st choice Mia Ousley, 2nd choice Corina Lopez
San Leandro School Board At-large: Evelyn Gonzalez
San Leandro School Board Area 4: Latrina Dumas

San Lorenzo School Board: Janet Zamudio and  Steve Kirk

AC Transit At-Large: Dollene Jones
AC Transit Ward 4: Murphy McCalley
AC Transit Ward 5: Jeff Davis

Bart District 4: No Recommendation

Alameda County Water District: Paul Sethy

EBMUD Ward 3: Marguerite Young

Oro Loma Sanitary District: Dan Walters

State Propositions
1: No
2: No
45: Yes
46: No
47: Yes
48: No

Local Measures
BB: Yes
HH: No
II: No

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  1. Where can I get NO on PROP HH signs for my yard?

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